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To design a truly healthy and sustainable home does takes a huge amount of experience, energy and research. For this reason, the service I offer is complete.

The desired result is impossible to achieve any other way. I personally work with you from day 1, find out what excites you, your passions, loves and hates. Together we create your home, from nothing to everything.


A sustainable home you can be proud of, knowing you have made a difference
A sustainable home you can be proud of, knowing you have made a difference
A home that’s good for you physically and emotionally.
A home that’s good for you physically and emotionally.
A home you will enjoy and love being in
A home you will enjoy and love being in
A home that encourages a connection with nature
A home that encourages a connection with nature

       My Process

  • I design the dwelling for all involved, for all who will live there.
  • I work with local councils to complete the building consent application, and resource consent applications if required.
  • I appoint a trusted / reliable builder you are happy with, one that is skilled and experienced enough to complete a sustainable build to a very high standard. One that I have worked with before.
  • I source non-toxic materials and facilitate direct payments to suppliers by you, reducing cost.
  • I guide you through the build, avoiding the stress of the unknown and the uncommunicated.
  • I provide support to the builder on-site, every day if required, right through to completion.
  • I give accurate estimates and seek approval from yourself, prior to any work being undertaken.
  • I continually review costs and schedule the payment of invoices in conjunction with youself.
  • I commit to an open and transparent process, with no hidden surprises.
  • I guarantee a home that is built to a very high standard, with all council documentation completed and signed off on completion
  • I provide a fixed fee quotation for the service noted above, all inclusive and complete.

My TEDx talk in Christchurch, New Zealand.

During this talk I discuss the very real, and well documented relationship that we as human beings have with nature and natural elements. The dramatic effects this relationship can have on our health and well being, both positive if embraced, and negative if removed. It helps to explain more about the philosophy behind my work.

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My Pecha Kucha talk

Here I share the realities of living in an off-grid tiny house with small children. I wanted to learn, and to learn by doing. This was never going to be my final outcome, merely a steeping stone along the way. My objective was never to live my life in a tiny house. I dont actually believe this is our solution, smaller, YES, but tiny, NO. The objective was to learn, learn what is the most valuable possession, the most appreciated design elements, experience my emotionally response to a life with a closer connection to nature. The most powerful thing to come out of this, was to realise how easy it is to live with less. The key is to be surrounded by beauty, both built and natural, and to embrace being part of the systems that surround us. 

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Grand designs

Grand Designs NZ 

Every architect or designer secretly would love to have a project on Grand Designs, I do believe that.

I was lucky enough to show case my own home. Designed and built by myself. Huge learning, hugely difficult due to the design, the access, and the objective of making this house completely solvent free, non-toxic and healthy, and off the grid. 

A massive learning for every architect or designer, would be to design and build their own home. I am surprised to realise how many have not had the opportunity unfortunately. The learning through this process is invaluable.

10 years of research has gone into building this home, the way I needed it to be, the materials, the methods, the systems used. A full scale experiment that has worked beyond my wildest expectations.

It proves we can do this this in New Zealand. 

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