Current Projects

Current Projects

Over the years, my designs have become more sustainable. Beginning with energy efficiency, then dealing with the toxicity of common building materials, the results of which were alarming.

I have spent years helping to develop a supply chain of non-toxic, solvent-free materials. With an emphasis on quality local suppliers and manufacturers. Educating quality builders, that this is a better way forward for them.

Finally, this work is complete.


Little Beach.

Featured on Grand Designs, Little beach is 67sqm.

100% Non-toxic, and solvent-free.

100% stand along and off the grid. This is my personal project and my home.


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Nearing completion, Ohau is only 49 sqm.

The use of Non-toxic materials was incredibly important to my clients.

The feature of this design will be the external timber cladding which covers the entire building, allowing the sliding doors to disappear behind it.

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In developed design.

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In final documentation.

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When the client asked, Craig push the boat out.

I will push the boat out.

"There are 360 degrees, so why stick to one"

Zaha Hadid.

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Just completed. The main feature of this project is the huge sheltered internal courtyard garden.

Allowing the owners the walk through the garden, from one side of the house to the other.



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